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US Visa
L1 Visa or E2 Visa?
Which One is Right for You? If you are considering moving to the United States for work, you may have come across two popular visa options: the L1 visa [...]
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US greencard
Applying for the EB5 Green card
Are you considering applying for an EB5 green card in the US? This article will guide you through the application process and provide information on the requirements for obtaining [...]
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Italy passport - Italy Immigration - Italy Visa
What is the Italy representative office visa?
If you are a foreign company looking to establish a presence in Italy, you may be wondering about the visa requirements for your employees. One option is the Italy [...]
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US immigration Solutions for Israeli Citizens
The United States has long been a popular destination for Israeli citizens seeking new opportunities and a better quality of life. However, navigating the complex US immigration system can [...]
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US Immigration Lawyers
The Importance of Country of Citizenship: A Sense of Belonging and Identity
As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the concept of citizenship has taken on a new meaning. It is no longer just a legal status, but also a sense of [...]
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US Immigration Lawyers
Biden’s New Executive Order Could Make Immigration Faster
On February 2, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at reforming the United States’ immigration system. This order, titled “Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems [...]
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Global Immigration partner Law Firm
Trends in business immigration to the US
In recent years, the United States has seen a significant increase in business immigration. Entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled professionals from around the world are seeking opportunities to establish businesses, [...]
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franchise - E2 Visa - Global Immigration Partners
Opening my own business in the US with the E2 Visa
The United States, known as the land of opportunities, has always been a magnet for entrepreneurs worldwide. If you are a foreign entrepreneur with dreams of opening your own [...]
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Family Immigration
Immigration Law Guide for Individuals and Families
Immigration laws are complex and often difficult to navigate. They determine who can enter a country, how long they can stay, and what they can do while they are [...]
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