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Student visa(s) for Italy – Professional Legal Assistance | Italy Student Visa Lawyers | Global Immigration Partners

Global Immigration Partners is proud to assist hundreds of international students relocating to Italy every year to study the Italian language or to attend programs at Italian Universities.

Did you know that Italian universities are among the most prestigious in the world and you will not only experience excellent teaching, but you will also have the chance to enjoy the famous cuisine, and magnificent architecture and get to see numerous breathtaking attractions?

Non-EU citizens intending to enrol in language courses or who have gained admission to an Italian university must secure an Italian student visa. If you are ready to embark in this adventure, contact our firm, and our attorneys will guide you step by step on each of the following:

Step One: Selecting the educational institution in Italy:

Before you can apply for an Italian student visa, the initial step is to choose the educational school or University you wish to attend. It’s important to remember that only visa applications for accredited universities will be accepted. You can confirm the legitimacy of your chosen institution through the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Step Two: Visa Application

Student Visas are not limited to people attending Italian universities or schools, but also participants in exchange programs, interns, and researchers. The visa application must be filed at the Italian Consulate having jurisdiction over the student’s current permanent residence. It is not possible to choose a different Consulate, even when traveling and near a different Consulate. The Visa Application will involve completing the relevant application forms and providing supporting documentation.

Step Three: Permit of Stay Application

Once the student arrives in Italy, he/she must apply for the Residence Permit, also called “Permesso di Soggiorno”. It can be requested from any Post Office by submitting the relevant forms. The Post Office will issue a receipt, which is valid as a provisory permit of stay. The Post Office will then forward the application to the competent Police Station that will summon the student to show up for an identification (fingerprinting) and document collection appointment. A few months later, you will be able to collect your Permit of Stay from the police station. 

Step Four: Residency Application

The final step to be taken by the student is the registration of the personal residency address in Italy with the Town Hall. While some countries do not have a similar procedure, Italians and foreigners are obligated to register with the Town Hall of the city where they live to establish their residency. This can be done as soon as the Residence Permit card is issued. Registering for permanent residency is necessary for the following activities: lower fees on bank accounts; buying a car; issuance of an Italian ID Card (Carta d’Identità), getting a parking permit if you live in a historic centre; registering for the National Health Service, and Shipping of Personal Goods into the country duty-free.

Things to Know

Leases: The student is entitled to secure a lease agreement before the issuance of the Visa.

Extension: The Permit of Stay has an initial validity of one year, but, in some cases, it can be renewed before its expiration as long as the studies (or the internship, etc.) continue.

Change of Status: A Permit of Stay for study purposes can be converted into a Permit of Stay for work purposes. In most cases, a quota is involved.

Employment Opportunity: Individuals who hold a Permit of Stay for study purposes are entitled to work for Italian employers, for a maximum of twenty hours per week.

Residency Update: Foreigners are required to update their residency status in Italy

Italy’s Student Visa Requirements

If you wish to apply for an Italian student visa, you need to prepare several documents, including: the application form, your passport, a passport-size photograph, pre-enrolment documents from the school, proof of your financial means, and proof of accommodation.

Step-by-Step Assistance for Your Italy Study Visa Application

Our attorneys can guide you step-by-step through the whole process. Studying in Italy requires two main phases, which are applying for a visa in your country, and filing the application for a residence card once you are in Italy.

Renewing and Extending Your Student Visa in Italy

You can renew your residence card indefinitely, as long as you are enrolled in school. You can also convert your student residence card into a work permit if you meet certain criteria.

Legal Strategies for Transitioning from Study to Work in Italy

If you wish to convert your student permit into a work permit, you need to have a valid job offer from an Italian employer, or you can set up your own business. Contact our law firm to check the minimum wages based on your profession and location.

Overcoming Obstacles in the Italy Student Visa Process

The main challenges students have to face when applying for student visas are: booking the right appointment with the Italian consulate, gathering all the necessary documents imposed by both the consulate and the Italian immigration authorities. The preparation of these application might be overwhelming for students, therefore we highly recommend you have the assistance of our Italian team.

FAQs about Student visa(s) for Italy

How can your law firm assist with my student visa for Italy?

We will prepare the whole application package for your visa interview at the Italian consulate, will assist you with finding Italian health insurance, will give you all the proper legal advice, and will file your application for your residence card once you have entered the country.

Can I work in Italy with a student visa?

Yes, you will be allowed to work up to 20 hours/week.

How does the EU Blue Card apply to students in Italy?

The EU Blue Card is a solution for highly skilled professionals. If you intend to study in Italy, you should consider applying for an Italian student visa instead. 

What documents do I need for my Italy student visa application?

It depends on the type of program you are choosing. There are several documents you need to prepare, including Italian health insurance and documents showing you have accommodation in Italy. 

How long can I stay in Italy with a student visa?

You can renew your residence card as long as you are enrolled in school.

What happens if my student visa application is denied?

Our Italian team will need to understand the reasons for the denials and see if we can appeal or file a new application.

Can I extend my student visa to continue my studies in Italy?”

Yes, you can extend your visa or convert your residence card into by filing an employment-based petition.


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