Skilled Worker Self-sponsored route.

uk immigration business visa | Skilled Worker Self-sponsored route.

1. Establishing a UK Company and obtaining the Key documents

The first step of the process is for a UK company to be registered, the company must have at least one UK-based Director. Once the company has been established a few key documents must be obtained before the company is eligible to apply for a sponsorship licence. These will depend on the nature of the company however in most cases they tend to be; a UK bank account, employer liability insurance, Payroll registration and office Space in most cases.

The migrant can be made a co-director and shareholder if they wish.

Once the key documents have been obtained an application for a sponsorship licence can be made.

The cost for the key documents will be:

  1. UK Bank account – FREE
  2. PAYE registration – FREE
  3. Employers liability insurance – £200 per year prox
  4. Shared office space – Staring from £150 per month
  5. UK Director sourcing (Optional) – Price on request

We can introduce you to business consultants who are able to assist you in obtaining the above documents in the fastest and most reliable way they charge around: £1000.

    2.  Sponsorship Licence

    Once the company is established and the key documents are obtained an application for a sponsoring licence can be made. The UK director will be named as the point of contact for the UK Government.

    As part of our services, we will complete all necessary forms, prepare them for submission, advise you as to the most appropriate supporting documents, and ensure that these are all submitted. Although not strictly necessary, we insist, in addition, on preparing a detailed cover letter, explaining the application and referring to the supporting documents in relation to the rules and guidance.

    Just to give you an idea of the timescales involved, we estimate that it should take 4 – 8 weeks for the application to be processed by the Home Office. Please note the reason the processing times vary is that the Home Office ensure they are protected with any complex issues and processing times.

    In our experience, our recent Skilled worker Licence applications are taking approximately less than 4 weeks to be decided.

    Our Fees

    Our professional fees for this stage shall typically be circa £4000  + VAT

    We can offer a no-win-no fee service for a fee of; £5000+ VAT

    The government fee for this stage shall be

    Skilled Worker Licence application fee: £536.

    3.  Certificate of Sponsorship

    Once the firm has been registered as a licenced sponsor, we must apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and then assign it to the employee.

    Please note that if required we can apply for the CoS via the emergency route if any issues arise, however, this is typically applied by us with the initial Licence application.

    The Government fees for this stage shall be;

    Assignment fee: £199 (main applicant only)

    Skill Surcharge Fee: £1092 for a 3 year visa or £1820 for a 5 year Visa (main applicant only)

    Our fees for this stage are covered by the fee in stage 4.

    4. Skilled worker visa application

    Once the CoS has been issued, the prospective employee will then need to make the Skilled worker application. We will of course advise them and prepare the entire visa application.

    This stage shall need to be discussed in more detail as the job role discussed shall require the employee to have certain accolades and potential qualifications. Thus, we shall need to discuss the potential job roles that will apply to you – prior to initiating the process of the application.

    As discussed, please find below the link to the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Codes that are listed by the UKVI together with the going rate salary.

    Our fees

    Our professional fees for this stage shall be £3,000 + £250 for each dependant – This will be on a no-win-no fee service.

    The government fees for this stage shall be:

    Visa fee: £625 for a 3 year visa or £1235 for a 5 year visa (per person)

    Health Service Charge3 year visa5 year visa
    Per Adult£1872£3120
    Per Child£1410£2350


    Global Immigration Partners | Skilled Worker Self-sponsored route.

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