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What is VIBE and its function?

VIBE, which is short for “Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises Program”, is a scheme put into action by the US Department of Homeland Security, “USCIS”.

VIBE utilizes data from an independent information provider (IIP) that is commercially available to verify fundamental details about organizations or companies.

Can Registering with VIBE Prevent an RFE?

If USCIS is unable to locate your business in the VIBE database, they may issue an RFE, also referred to as a Request for Evidence. Registering your business with VIBE can help prevent an RFE. We can assist you in registering your business.

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How is VIBE Utilized?

When a company submits certain non-immigrant visa applications, such as L1 visas and E2 visas, USCIS will confirm the basic business information using the data in its VIBE database. This data is sourced from an independent entity, currently Dunn & Bradstreet.

USCIS uses Vibe to check for certain Visa Categories.

  • E-1 Visa treaty trader
  • E-2 Visa treaty investor
  • E-3, professional in a specialty occupation from Australia
  • H-1B, a worker in a specialty occupation
  • H-1B1, is a specialty occupation professional from Chile or Singapore
  • H-1B2, employee engaged in a Department of Defense research and development or coproduction project
  • H-1B3, fashion model with exceptional merit and ability
  • H-2A, a temporary or seasonal worker in agriculture
  • H-2B, temporary worker in non-agricultural sectors
  • H-3, a trainee or a special education exchange participant
  • L-1A, an intracompany transferee in an executive or managerial role
  • L-1B, intracompany transferee with specialized knowledge
  • LZ, blanket L petition
  • Q-1, a participant in international cultural exchange
  • R-1, a worker in religious occupations
  • TN, NAFTA professional from Canada or Mexico

Immigration Lawyer | Avoiding a Request for Evidence | Global Immigration Partners

Who is Dunn & Bradstreet?

Founded in 1841, Dunn & Bradstreet is a prominent US Public Company in the business information and credit reporting sector. Dunn & Bradstreet currently supply the information that USCIS uses in their VIBE program.

Is it Necessary to Register my US Business?

Registering your US business is NOT a requirement. However, it’s crucial to ensure that Dunn & Bradstreet has accurate information about your business. This will facilitate USCIS in verifying the data you submit in your company’s visa applications through VIBE. Keeping accurate information on VIBE about your business can help prevent potential RFEs and delays.

Should my company details match the details on VIBE?

A discrepancy in VIBE will not lead to outright denial of an application or petition filed with USCIS, or an E visa application filed with a consulate. USCIS or the consulate will give you an opportunity to clarify the discrepancy and/or investigate it. USCIS communicates this by sending a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) or a Request for Evidence (RFE). In a consulate, your case could be subjected to administrative processing as the consular officer probes the inconsistency.

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How Can I Verify if the Information about my Business is Accurate?

Since Dunn & Bradstreet is the current provider, you can verify the information they hold about your business. You can accomplish this by going to

What to Do if My Business Isn’t Listed?

If VIBE doesn’t list your business, you can add it by navigating to All About the D-U-N-S Number – Dun & Bradstreet. However, this can be a complicated process that our firm’s lawyers can handle for you.

Where is the Registration Team of Global Immigration Partners Located?

Our firm has a registration team based in, USA who can help with any registration.

Does USCIS Offer Details on VIBE?

Indeed, USCIS maintains a webpage that provides useful information.

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How Does VIBE Validate my Business Plan?

A business plan is a vital component of numerous business visa applications. If the USCIS officer evaluating your case finds that relevant parts of your business plan are corroborated by the information, it could aid in the swift processing and decision-making of your case.


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